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We believe that human potential is unlocked as individuals reach financial independence.

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Our Process

How Doorvest works

We help you own high-yield single-family rental homes. No prior experience required.


Customize your ideal investment home

~ 10 minutes

You'll answer a few questions about yourself and begin customizing your ideal investment home.


Submit a fully-refundable deposit

~ 3-4 weeks (waitlist)

Submitting your fully-refundable deposit lets us know that you're serious about your path to financial security and will be used towards your home purchase. Doorvest will begin sourcing homes that fit your ideal investment home and sending them your way.


Reserve your home

~ 2 months

When you get sent the perfect home, Doorvest will buy your home, renovate it, and place a long term tenant. We're so confident in our renovations and tenants that we'll guarantee maintenance and rental income for the first year!


Close on your home

~ 1 month

You'll work with our Transactions Team to close on your home at Fair Market Value. Once closed, you'll start generating passive income from day one, and the home is 100% yours!


Sit back, relax, and reap the benefits

~ ∞

Our service includes long-term rental home management for a 10% fee, which means we'll look after the day-to-day operations. You'll receive tax documentation, updates, rental income, and more via The Doorvest Investor Portal. And we'll help you navigate your journey to financial security.

Why Us

Our Philosophy

We believe that the key to long term success is to align incentives with our Doorvestors and residents. We’re in it for the long haul with you!

Quality renovations, guaranteed

Through our Doorvest Renovation Guarantee, we make sure all our homes are resident ready! We’re so confident in our renovations, we’ll cover any costs incurred in your first year.*

*See Terms and Conditions for details & restrictions

Guaranteed rental income

No need to worry about your cash flow; Doorvest guarantees rental income for your first year. Plus, we never charge resident placement fees, potentially saving you thousands of dollars!

Secure online transactions and processes

Our partners and processes make your real estate transaction as convenient and secure as possible with tax documentation for your records — completely online from the comfort of your home.

Our Product

Doorvest's Investor Portal

We provide our investors with a comprehensive breakdown of their monthly cash flow, property activity, legal documents, and reports through our investor dashboard.

All of this, for one fee

Doorvest-managed properties cost just 10% of your rental income each month.

Plus, our service fee only applies when a resident is paying you. It's seriously that affordable.

You get the benefit of real estate investing paired with the benefit of technology. That's Doorvest, the way real estate investing should feel.