Doorvest is a full-service real estate investing platform. We help with all stages of the investment lifecycle, from identifying the home to long-term management, so you can own high-yield rental homes entirely online.

Our mission is to democratize the path to financial security for all. For too long, access to high-quality single family real estate has been reserved for the ultra-wealthy—leaving out everyday individuals from participating in the #1 source of American wealth.

Doorvest’s approach is to make real estate investing radically simple. Real estate is the least tech-enabled asset class, yet it has a larger market capitalization than stocks and bonds combined. Our full-stack, vertically integrated model leverages technology in every stage of the investment process, so more can be done for less, and better decisions can be made for a fraction of the cost.

Doorvesters come from all walks of life. We initially sought to help busy working professionals who didn’t have the time, resources, experience, or capital to invest in real estate traditionally. However, our scope has expanded and we have helped investors from all backgrounds to own homes—whether it's their first or tenth.

Read more on our co-founders Andrew and Justin here: More about our Co-Founders

Since our launch in 2018, we have over $20 million assets under management and growing.

We are venture backed with over $2.55 million in funding and have investments from many prominent industry leaders.

Though the exact specifications will be personalized to your individual needs, the typical home we work with is the standard single family detached: 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car garage.

These homes are most attractive to long term focused residents and have historically appreciated the most.

We generally look for homes built after 1970, as newer homes require less maintenance.

We’ve developed a network of relationships with realtors and wholesalers. Due to our high volume of transactions, we have greater purchasing power and economies of scale which is typically unavailable to the average retail customer.

Our average vacancy is 3% per year compared to the national average of 7-8%

Residents pay for utilities.

Currently, we operate exclusively in Houston, TX for a variety of reasons: rapid population and job growth, landlord friendly state, and strong inventory at attractive price points.

We plan on it. To be continued...

Yes. Doorvest provides all necessary reporting for homeowners to file during tax season.

Yes. Real estate investors benefit from a very friendly tax code. Almost all operational expenses are deductible except mortgage principal payments. Included among deductions are:

  • Management fees
  • Depreciation
  • Maintenance, repairs, cleaning
  • Insurance
  • Mortgage interest
  • Legal & professional fees

Doorvest does not do any financing in-house, and ultimately your loan terms will be determined between you and your lender. There are no restrictions from Doorvest on what lender you choose, your method of financing, or how you structure the loan. Most of our investors do a conventional 30 year fixed loan with a 20-25% downpayment.

Your rates will vary on your individual circumstances and lender. However, rates are historically low right now.

Ultimately, you're welcome to work with any lender, and we can also introduce you to our partner lenders.

We recommend you shop around a couple of lenders when you start the process with us.

The extent of your coverage is completely up to you and your specific needs, but typically includes coverage for the building structure and general liability.

Absolutely. Your insurance provider for your car or primary home is a good starting point. We're also happy to provide introductions with our partnered insurers.

Renovations completed on homes vary case by case. Our goal is to ensure the home is in rent-ready condition, and we have standardized benchmarks in place for quality control, which you can see here: Doorvest Repairs and Renovations Playbook

We have a rigorous system in vetting out our general contractors, and an in-person team that conducts walk throughs. We also offer a Home Renovation Guarantee which covers maintenance costs for one year after purchase. See our Reno Guarantee FAQ here.

If the renovation costs exceed the estimated renovations noted on the home profile, you are locked into your original purchase price.

Our team will coordinate any cleaning or repairs of the home and begin the leasing process for a new resident.

For the first 12 months of home ownership, rent is covered by our 1-Year Rent Guarantee. If a resident does not pay rent and we're unable to find a payment solution, we would replace the resident.

You can choose your own property management company after the initial year of Doorvest management.

We place residents for your home, manage maintenance requests and repairs, and ensure the home is cared for.

Our property management services has no hidden fees or leasing fees. We're able to provide sustained quality service as our fee structure aligns incentives with homeowners. Every home has an assigned manager who is familiar with the property and residents.

Our property management fee is based on 10% of the rental income. No rent = no management fee, which means that both Doorvest and the homeowner are incentivized to place long term stable residents.

You can locate your HOA on your settlement documents or reach out to our Customer Success team at

We have a extensive criteria that is in line with the Fair Housing Act

  • Income: Renter’s household-income must be at least 3 times the cost of rent.
  • Credit: Renters must have a credit score of 550 or greater.
  • Pets: Allowed. There is no weight limit. Aggressive breeds are not permitted.
  • Evictions: No evictions in the past 5 years. Parties required to pay higher security deposit.
  • Felonies: No felonies allowed.
  • Bankruptcies: No bankruptcies in the past 5 years.
  • Rental History: Their current landlord must give them a positive rental reference.

Doorvest has two revenue streams:

  • We take a recurring percentage of monthly rent. This is all-inclusive, with no hidden or layered in fees (no maintenance markups, resident placement fees, etc).
  • We make some margins on home sales, but we always sell at a fair market value.

Rent Guarantee: We guarantee rent for the first 12 months of ownership. You will receive the quoted rental income every month regardless of whether a resident is paying or not.

Renovation Guarantee: We will cover repair costs for the first 12 months of ownership. Please see here to see what's covered.

All Doorvest homeowners commit to a 1 year management contract. Once the year is reached, the management contract will renew annually until cancellation. Beyond the first year, homeowners are welcome to switch property managers and sell the home.