Join Our Team

As an early Doorvest team member, your role and responsibilities will encompass both creation and execution. This means you’ll experience much ambiguity but this also will serve as an opportunity to build your function as you see fitting for the world.

If you are someone who thrives with autonomy, is eager to bring learnings to organization through personal upleveling, and are excited by the thought of a difficult but important mission, Doorvest is a place you can call home.


We’re on a quest to advance financial security for everyone.

Our Core Values

Own it and bring it

We are committed to ownership—both within our company and externally, giving our clients opportunities to take initiative, helm their financial freedom, and become [home]owners.

Our success is everyone’s success. A rising tide lifts all boats, and here at Doorvest, we strive to be the tide, to bring the change, and to positively impact every person, community, and industry our business touches.

The door is always open

Our success is shared and so are our ideas. We speak our mind, and we practice openness and compassion, allowing others to safely do the same. We value directness and efficiency, and we always speak and lead with kindness.

Our default is transparency, even when it's uncomfortable. We believe that everyone deserves to be valued and heard, and we welcome all into our team, creating an open space of honesty, trust, and mutual respect.

Pay it forward

We understand our expansive impact on all stakeholders, including residents, customers, vendors, investors, and team members. We are committed to doing what's best for everyone with Doorvest involvement, and we promise to pay success forward to our partners in all ways possible.

We do what's best for both our clients and the community at large, always acting with integrity and transparency.

We strive to add value with everything we do. From the actions we take to the decisions we make, we promise to lead with positive, impactful intention.

We are committed to making ourselves and our teammates better. A stronger, more resilient team is able to better serve our clients and their investments.

Dream big, start small

We start with big, seemingly unattainable aspirations, and we take small, actionable steps toward achieving our big ideas and dreams.

We take chances. We are committed to making bold, educated decisions, and we invest in innovative ideas, knowing that new-age, unparalleled success doesn’t come from outdated industry practices. Education and experience power our intuition, and we always double down on good ideas.

In pursuit of the audacious, we are not afraid to fail. We strive to improve from our mistakes and move forward with new-found learnings; we use failure as fuel for our future successes.

Why Join?

  • Opportunity to drive incredible impact and build a venture-backed startup from day zero

  • Substantial ownership in the company you’re building—financially, we will all win together

  • Fair, transparent compensation

  • 401k plan with 4% match

  • Medical, dental & vision

  • Various physical, mental, & financial wellness perks

  • Flexible work schedule (PST preferred)

  • Hybrid work culture

Transparent Compensation

Inspired by Buffer and Otis, we don’t believe that better negotiators always make better team members and so we have implemented transparent compensation where every team member can see their current salary, salary levels across the team, and what future roles pay. All candidates and team members have access to our compensation here.


Competitive salary and stock options, plus full benefits (medical, dental, and vision insurance). We offer an open vacation policy and expect our team members to take time off to stay sharp. We believe strong personal growth and professional growth go hand-in-hand.

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