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We simplify the real estate investing process, ensuring that long-term wealth is easy to access, build, and grow.

Our mission is to democratize the path to financial independence.

Our Story

A journey to find financial security

It all started in 2014. While both working in the tech industry, Andrew and Justin started to explore options for long-term financial security. They turned to real estate — particularly single-family rental homes — a proven way to generate passive income and build long-term wealth. Working together, they passively built a portfolio of over a dozen homes in under 5 years.

Sharing the wealth

Andrew and Justin’s friends were intrigued. They wanted to secure their financial independence but didn’t know where to start. Andrew and Justin gladly shared their resources hoping others would achieve a similar sense of financial well-being. Real estate investing, however, proved to be difficult to navigate for new investors due to several third parties with misaligned incentives.

Bridging the opportunity gap

Recognizing the challenges of getting started in real estate, Andrew and Justin wanted to lower the barrier to entry for first-time investors. Motivated to improve the overall experience, they created a full-service real estate investing platform to help others make their way towards financial independence. Doorvest was born.

Our Team

Let's grow together

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